Really does RED VELVET Irene posses a date or girl?
Really does RED VELVET Irene posses a date or girl?

I'll put the possible age these rumored-to-be "lovers" could've already been online dating. Remember! These are simply GOSSIP, meaning they might or couldn't end up being genuine. Very you shouldn't just take this post really.

1. Minho: "neglect A" Suzy (reportedly dated during "lucifer" period), "SNSD" Yuri (2010?), Stylist Noona(2016), "f(X)" Krystal, "red velvet" Irene

2. Jonghyun: "ladies time" Yura, Lee Yubi (End of 2013- early 2014. Are verified by SM to be false), Shin Se Kyung (C) (2010-2011)

3. crucial: "Kara" Nicole, Hyeongseop (him and trick took lots of pictures with each other and hung out a large amount so lots of people had been questionable of them dating. They purportedly stayed in a hotel along. Specially when there was a rumor going around that a gay idol partners might possibly be unveiled, Hyeongseop suddenly erased all of their photographs together. In the future the guy unfollowed secret and Woohyun(Keys BFF) on social networking) (a?¤i??) (2012-2013), latinomeetup aanmelden Non-celebrity sweetheart (fan states he hired a residence near this lady and constantly visits that residence frequently. 2014)

4. Taemin: the guy said during WGM he possess outdated a lady in 6th level (C), "f(X)" Krystal (belated 2012), Netizens state they identify your a couple of times online dating non-celebrity girls, he is embarrassing with Naeun off-camera so they rarely consult with both

Chanyeol: IU (Had a past together long ago whenever EXO debuted but SM required them to split up bcuz SM introduction internet dating regulations), "2ne1" Dara (Spotted dressed in exact same tees more than once), Kim Yejin (ex-SM trainee), are rumored currently many pretty girls(Ulzzang like) outdated trainees before introduction, "red velvet" pleasure (a?¤i??)

Suho: Unidentified woman during EXO debut that is reported becoming Krystal (a?¤i??), "Red Velvet" Irene (. Rumored they split up for the reason that "ICC" "CMB" comeback schedules), "Apink" Chorong (pre-debut?)

Tao: videos of your kissing an unknown Chinese woman in but clarified she was actually simply a friend, anyone from Crayon Pop

Kris: people came forth and mentioned that a buddy of hers was dating Kris, Photos are released from their mobile (these rumors are considered to be incorrect and fabricated. Gf tale got obtained from a fanfic it seems that)

Lay: He admitted to using a GF before their debut (C), he allegedly dated someone in 2014 who "we've seen a large number"(possibly an idol?) (a?¤i??)

Yongguk: "key" Jieun (Too obvious . They point out one another very often and lovers notice too) (2012-2013) (a?¤i??), non-celebrity sweetheart (2015-?. He's reported is matchmaking a girl for annually she was noticed at their Seoul show. Intimate text swaps circulated web but He never confirmed or refuted the hearsay)

Youngjae: gf (have no idea if star or otherwise not) (2014-2016) (he acknowledge he is been in a connection for 2 age

They came across at academy where they'd exercise collectively. He additionally accepted they contributed kisses but not during procedures. He broke up with her in accordance with him. (C)

Daehyun: non-native (ex-gf. Difficult bcuz he couldn't talk English well she cannot talk Korean better)(C), gossip say he is presently solitary prepared mingle

Zelo: according to him he is never ever had a gf (lol what number of idols said this but ended up being privately matchmaking. You never know)

It really is rumored that SUJU members need dated a SNSD representative one or more times. Sorry if list is actually short. SuJu has actually a lot of users I didn't feel just like entering for every of these.

Kyuhyun- SM trainee from SMRookies (enthusiasts say the guy often go to SM trainee strengthening to go to people with roses and report handbags. 2014)

Their name had been "Jenny" but relationship best lasted 20 days

Taeyeon: "TvXq" ?) There's a picture of your temporarily touching this lady butt-in concert should you want to check it up lol), "EXO" Baekhyun (C) (2014-2015), "Beast" ?), "SuJu" Kangin, "2pm" Wooyoung, G-Dragon

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